Frequently Asked Questions

Digital land records refer to the electronic storage and management of land-related information, such as property ownership, boundaries, transactions, and historical records, using digital technologies. Digital land records offer numerous benefits over traditional paper-based records. They enable efficient storage, retrieval, and management of land-related information, reducing paperwork, minimizing errors, and improving accessibility for government agencies, landowners, and the public.

Digital land records are typically created through a process called digitization. It involves scanning and converting paper documents into electronic formats, followed by organizing and storing the information in a centralized database or a land information management system



How can I cancel my membership?

  • Memberships once subscribed cannot be cancelled.


Amount deducted from my bank, but subscription plan not updated. Help me?

  • You will receive a mail once plan is subscribed successfully. In case you didn’t get mail or subscription is not reflecting in application. Please write to us at whatsapp number +91-8905991661


What will be plan expiry period if I want to subscribed to premium plan to Standard plan?

  • Contact us at whatsapp number +91-8905991661

Account related


Registered with my phone number and email But I couldn’t able to login with my account?

  • Ans 1) We regret to hear about that, but our app works perfectly with verified credentials. Please ensure that you verified your credentials. If you still facing problem in logging in reset your password.
  • Ans 2) Pls contact us at whatsapp number +91-8905991661


I am not able to install your application on my phone. Can you please help?

  • Please visit play store to know about technical requirements to be met to install our application on your device. Minimum requirement version android10 and above.


Where can I find my all transactions done in Digimyland?

  • Check on > Settings to know all your transactions


Forgot my User name and Password, how can I get my account back?

  • In case you forget your password, you can reset option. In case if you forget registered email id. Account can’t be retrieved.


Digimyland Application is easy to use, but is it secure?

  • We designed our app with utmost encryption features. We recommend you not to share your credentials with any third party to maintain your data privacy.

Know your land & proeprty


When will I get my report on Land & Property details after I submit my request and pay the fee?

  • Once you submit your Land & Property details, your Land & Property update immediately in our application.


How can I cancel my order if I change my decision after making my payment?

  • This is not refundable.


Will your team help me to survey my Land & Property?

  • Please make a request on Value Added service. Our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


Can I edit my order to change the Land & Property details?

  • We recommend that you enter accurate details at the time of submitting the request itself because our team starts working on your request immediately after receiving your payment. But in a rare event that you entered incorrect information; you can edit the info at anytime of submitting your request free of cost.


How will I get my land & property report?

  • You can view from View Land>Land List > See more > View Document.


For how long will my report be available to be downloaded online?

  • You can download your report till your subscription is live.


Will the report/image/map that is sent to me contain the precise boundaries of my Land & Property marked on it with the GPS coordinates?

  • No. It is not possible to mark the precise boundaries of the Land & property. We will provide the coordinate of the survey number in which your land & property is located.


Will you be able to provide my Land & Property details if I give you my plot number and layout name?

  • Yes, you can see your details on Land View > Type on Search bar.


In which states is this service available currently?

  • This service available to all over world.


Can I use Info for Legal purpose?

  • No. Though the report is precise and genuine, it cannot be used as evidence in the court of law. But it will serve as good evidence to
  • • a) Make a decision while buying a land or a plot.
  • • b) To know whether your sale deed / agreement document is accurate.
  • • c) The Physical Land location and the information on your Sale Deed Document are matching or not.

Payment related


What other currencies are supported by Payment Gateway?

  • As of now only INR (Indian Rupees) is supported through payment gateway..


If I cancel my order, how and when will I get my refund?

  • No.

Survey my land


What are the charges for survey work requested?

  • It will depend on the nature of work. Our team will discuss with you and explain the details within 24 hours (Mon – Fri) of request raised.


How can I make payment for request raised in Survey My Land?

  • Our team will explain the payment methods.


In which states and countries, you are providing services?

  • Currently we provide survey solutions on Pan India basis.

Still dind t find your quirey?


How to reach us?

  • Contact to us on whatsapp number +91-8905991661